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A Dragon with Many Forms.

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Kreyu is from Fireborn RPG, and is the property of Fantasy Flight Games. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Once upon a time, there was an age of myth and magic. An age where dragons and other fantastical beings roamed freely, or even walked unseen among human kind.

Kreyu is such a dragon. She has spent many human lifetimes living among humans, taking some as friends, lovers, even children. Humanity fascinates her. One of her brood-mates (a soul-mate, if you will) even accused her "of adopting all of humanity as her brood". She has lived in many cultures, and lent them aid where she can. As magic instructor, as wise woman, as warrior, as revolutionary, and, in times of great need, as a terrible protector in her dragon form.

In her draconic form, Kreyu is large, very large. Bigger than a blue whale. Canon describes her as having "scales the size of shields". Her normal "sitting up" and walking posture is a slightly hunched, bipedal motion, but she is capable of running on all fours for greater speed. She is also quite fast in the air. Her talons are the size of spears, although she has no more trouble handling them than a human does a dagger. Her scales are "the color of slate and smoke" and she has a tail with razor sharp spines on it.

Senses: All of her senses, regardless of the shape she's wearing, are sharper than a human's. She's even so sensitive to temperature and pressure changes that she can detect living things or objects withing 5 feet of her without use of any other stimuli.

Shapeshifting: Kreyu can assume many forms as well as alter them on the fly as she sees fit. There are very few limits on what forms she can assume if she wishes.

Shadows: Kreyu is a shadow dragon, and thus has power over shadows. She can use them to cloak her presence as well as using them to form blades that ignore armor and cause intense pain to living things.

Scales: She is resistant to damage even by draconic standards.

Empathy: She can detect the emotions of others and broadcast her own.

Magic: She's an accomplished mage. Indeed, she's introduced certain cultures to magic. If she's human shaped or wants to fight at range, she'll probably use magic.

Karma Sense: She can sense objects and places that are magical in nature. This doesn't mean that she'll understand what she's sensing, of course.

More information on Dragons in Fireborn can be found here.

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